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Buddy L Outdoor Railroad Stake Bed Flatcar #12457 T-Reproductions Large Scale Pressed Steel Train Car for Sale


Buddy L Outdoor Railroad Stake Bed Flatcar #12457 T-Reproductions Large Scale Pressed Steel Train Car


You can now own the legendary Buddy “L” Outdoor Railroad Stake Bed Flatcar #12457, one of the toys that captured the dreams and imagination of children of all ages. This flatcar was made in the USA and has been tirelessly recreated to the smallest detail. Our toy is a new fully licensed exact remastering of the Buddy L Outdoor Railroad Stake Bed Flatcar #12457 from decades ago. This rendition is something that can be enjoyed and played with or displayed with pride. The “Outdoor Railroad” flatcar is authorized by Buddy-L ® and manufactured under license by T-Reproductions of Johnson City, TN. The flatbed is made of pressed steel, and the paint is baked on per Buddy L specs. This flatcar could use some cleaning as it does have some dust and possibly nicotine that has settled on it from its previous owner. There is minimal scratching and scuffing to the paint, and no dents or dings detected. All stakes are present and accounted for as shown in the pictures. All decals are strong with no lifting detected. The size is gigantic as shown, at over approximately 22″ x 6”. We encourage you to peruse the photos to get a better idea of condition and quality.


Buddy L History:

Buddy L was founded by Fred A. Lundahl when he wanted to make toys that were new, different, and durable.  Buddy L produced cranes, steamrollers, trucks, trains and construction toys. Buddy L toys were named after the founder`s son Arthur. Lundahl introduced the line in 1921, starting with a pressed steel pick-up truck that expanded into a veritable fleet of almost 30 cranes and other construction toys some five years later. Throughout the years the company that manufactured Buddy L had many names beginning with Moline Pressed Steel until Mr. Lundahl sold the company during the depression.  After that the company switched hands a few times before being sold off in 1995 by SLM International under bankruptcy protection. By 2010, Buddy L it was owned by Empire Industries of Boca Raton, Florida, a subsidiary of Empire of Carolina where it has become more of a name than a toy maker.

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