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Buick Riveria Hardtop Tin Car by Haji Japan *SOLD*

Buick Riveria Hardtop Tin Car by Haji Japan

The more we photograph this near new old stock Buick tin car, the more we fall in love.  This extremely clean tin car by Haji has an impressive 11.25″ length and wonderful detailing.

Doors open and each side window can roll /slide up and down.  Rubber tires are used with well detailed caps, and the car is a working friction powered car.

The slide lever on the back allows this to go from hard top to convertible with the flip of a switch and careful backwards top removal.

Tin lithography is used throughout the bottom, top, interior, and detailing.  brightwork is a shiny metal, likely a flash coated tin stamping.

The toy has minor scratches around the rear trunk handle area.  Minor spots and abrasions are throughout the toy .  The box bottom has one end side that appears to be a cardboard replacement.  The box comes with instructions and is original, with original paperwork and insert. Overall, this is a spectacular toy at the top of the grading scale and relatively scarce, even more challenging to find in this condition with box.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in