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Carette Fire Pumper Steam Toy for Sale


Carette Fire Pumper Steam Toy For Sale

Our early fire engine is a human powered fire engine.  -No wheels, no mechanics, just people pumping on a pump engine.  Carette made this around 1900 and it has a crank with pulley in case one wishes to attach steam or electric toy power later.

The base, aka wood plinth, has hand painted edge detailing.  Figures are tin with a thick and glossy varnish.  The pump housing is tin and has almost a marbling effect with thinning and thickening is spots.  The pump house likely has some infill green paint.

The base bottom appears to have some pencil writing on it, a common German toy practice.

Men are dressed in clean period clothing and have great facial detailing.

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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 10 in