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Carette or Karl Bub Tin Taxi Circa 1907 With Flywheel for Sale


Carette or Karl Bub Tin Taxi Circa 1910 With Flywheel For Sale

We are excited to offer this extremely rare and desirable Carette or Karl Bub.  It is likely a 1905 to 1910 toy with primitive flywheel power.

History fans should note that Karl Bub toy catalogs in this area didn’t survive and Carette collectors tend to have the one and only “Great Toys” book as reference.

Per normal Carette, we see the slanted hood and desirable golden lithograph work on tin.  Colors here include black, red, green, gold, and then differing driver accents.  Age is about 110 years old, so we see spotting on the gold anodized finish as well as some fading. We see bends in the toy from play wear.  One rear wheel was reattached.

The toy still works buy spinning the flywheel handle on the left side and dropping it a millimeter onto the wheels.


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