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Carrera Junior Race Car Set from JNF Germany for Sale


Carrera Junior Race Car Set From JNF Germany for sale

Our set comes way from, get this, Nuremberg Germany to Saudi Arabia to Florida.   It it was a set from an oil industry exec’s kid that now resides in Florida.

History wise, this is an early evolution of the toy slot car.  This set number 300 may one of the early experiments for the Carrera race track toy, an early harbinger of their success in ensuing years.  Carrera toys are still with us now; this would the be Great Grandfather set.

Condition is very good with box issues, tape tearing, that has been partially restored.  Then tabs on the track look very good and intact.  The race cars have some warping as shown but look to be near unused.  Instructions are present as is other paperwork and two controllers.

This set, as it was new, will require a separately purchased power supply.  We have not tested the toy.

We believe the blue car to be a Lotus. The red car is a Ferrara, both circa 1961.

JNF. Josef Neuhierl founded the company in Furth, Germany in 1920. His company was among the most prestigious sheet metal toy production companies. They manufactured metal cars from 1920 to 1956, which was the introduction of plastic cars. In 1963 Carrera, a.k.a. Neuhierl was formed. Today, Carrera is the world’s leading manufacturer of slot car racing sets.

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