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Cass Wood Toy Dump Truck for Sale


Cass Wood Toy Dump Truck For Sale

Wide and low, our 1930’s Cass, or NH Cass, toy dump truck is streamlined.  This is a kids wood ride on that features a full dump as well as rolling wheels for ride on play.

Wheels, per the factory, are easy to tilt and don’t allow the little ones to go too far too fast.  The original stickers on the door are present in worn but good condition.

Original rubber, steel, and chrome wheels are present and the entire toy is original.  We chose to wipe it off and leave it as-is.

Out of the world of wood toys, this is quite desirable and one of the biggest toys produced.  As seen with cases behind, it is in the two foot scale of Buddy L ride on trucks.

N. D. Cass Company
Athol, Massachusetts
1898 – 2003

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 20 × 19 in