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CCP Soviet Russian Tin Toy Jet Airplane with Engine Action


CCP Tin Toy jet Airplane with engine action

All you hardened tin toy collectors may laugh, then realize the brilliance in this toy.  It is from CCP aka Soviet Union and a rare treat!  Russian / Soviet toys are a big challenge to find in very good condition and tend to be thrown away.  Ours is in bright techni-colored brilliance with a swirling 1960s style pinwheel set of jet fans.

Oddly, or possibly appropriately, the jet is relatively thin and has an artistic toy and kid-inspired quality.  It is a metal pancake that rolls along, engaging wing spinners.  The driver is prone and sports a “CCP” helmet on our inspired tin litho.

We do not know the maker and have only heard of this toy once before in an obscure space toy book.  What a brilliant art-toy!

P.S. Should you have a Soviet book or catalog documenting this, please contact us.  We would gladly buy it for a fair price.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 6 in