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Champion Hardware Co. Cast Iron Signed Toy Van *SOLD*

Champion Hardware Co. Cast Iron Signed Toy Van

This red cast iron signed van was manufactured by Champion Hardware Co. of Geneva, Ohio.  

What an incredible cast iron toy truck!

Our Champion toy is original and has the Champion name “signed” into the casting on the van sides.   The front end detailing is based on a 1930s Rio car; a deluxe car for the wealthy.   We suspect the van to be a bit of fancy and artistic licensing.

Champion is known for their red and blue coloration on motorcycle toys.  The company made a highly successful line of cop cycles in a number of sizes.  They are also known for Rio deluxe car toys.  This van is the outlier and quite sought after.

Condition on this toy is excellent with wear.  Tires appear original with blue wooden rims.  There is a light glue repair on one hub as they often age.  Rubber is solid as it should be.  The casting appears to be free of cracks and breaks.



A brief history of Champion Hardware Co. of Geneva, Ohio:   

Champion Hardware Company was founded in 1883 in Geneva, Ohio by John and Ezra Hasenpflug. The company ran until 1954, but only produced toys from 1930 to 1936.    

Champion Hardware specialized in cast iron transportation toys, banks and cap pistols. They also made cast iron parts for other leading toy manufacturers. (Thanks to Mark Schupska for information provided.) 

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 9 in