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Charles Lindbergh US Uniform Doll, likely made in Japan


Charles Lindbergh US Uniform Doll, likely made in Japan

It took quite a bit of time to peg this doll, but we believe we have a Charles Lindberg doll that depicts his loose fitting airman’s pants and US emblemed lapel.  The face and hair along with the infectious smile made this a tough one to shake.  It had a big personality, yet at first, completely baffling fat legs.

Take a look at these historic pictures, and you can see him at times use a tucked in tie.  You can peg Lindy’s curly suave hairy and then one can note that he work a US aviator emblem on his lapel at times.  Boots start to show up in pictures, as does the chopped tie and balloon pants.  We have a match, and haven’t seen one like this toy before.  It came from a Tampa Bay, FL area estate and is a fresh to market find.

Condition is quite excellent.  There are a few signs of age and wear, but overall the paint is bright and well cared for.  Material appears to be hand painted porcelain or a similar ceramic material.  Size is approximately  11″ heigh.

Lindy deserves to be in an aviator’s collection and would compliment Hubley Charles Lindbergh toys.

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Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in