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Cor-Cor Pressed Steel Chrysler Airflow for Sale


Cor-Cor Pressed Steel Chrysler Airflow for Sale

Our beauty of a pressed steel Chrysler comes in a large scale and with glossy metallic gunmetal grey color.  The toy, uniquely, features a wooden bench seat per factory make.  It is just something that doesn’t appear on other toys.

Then condition is excellent after the restoration.  The car features original tires, trim, and wheels, it simply had missing paint (likely no primer) throughout and needed to be stabilized.  As such, we it was restored per Don Kauffman’s personal Cor-Cor Airflow.

The battery powered light on this toy is a challenge to work.  It only operates with work, as the terminals are a challenge to keep polished, and it grounds the lights into the chassis.  As such, please expect it to take some tinkering to work.  It worked for us, but only after tinkering; these are primitive designs.

Note that the restoration is a professional one, keeping factory details intact, and done by the person who restored the first Corvette ever sold in 1953.  This received full primer and then an expensive and durable real automotive paint finish.  Back in the Day, Cor-Cor also used these metallic paints in their toy lineup.

Corcoran Mfg. Co. Washington, Indiana
1920s – 1940s
Specialty: Large, pressed-steel riding toy autos and trains under the trademark “Cor-Cor”.

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