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Corvair Tin Toyfor Sale by Yonezawa of Japan


Corvair Tin Toy For Sale by Yonezawa of Japan

Set in Red, white, and Yellow, this well sculpted tin toy is an oddity.  Few tricolor tin scale toys made it to market, as it was more expensive.  Our toy comes with the box and a near new old stock.  There are very light abrasions on the car’s bottom, the windshield has dust on it, and the right rear quarter panel has a light scratch above the wheel well.  Right hubcaps have some corrosion.

Yonezawa or Y or Yone, has always done a very good to excellent job with their toys.  Here we have excellent quality and beautiful sheet metal pressings.  Colors just pop, and the box is a gigantic bonus.

Size is about 8.5″ long.  -A Beauty!

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Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 9 in