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Popy Dairugger XV “Vehicle Voltron” Japanese Toy for Sale


Dairugger XV “Vehicle Voltron” For Sale by Popy Japan

Favorite Dairugger XV, aka Vehicle Voltron, is a fantastic toy from the early 1980s.  Popy Toys of Japan produced this combination robot that mates 15 vehicles to make an ultra deluxe robot.

This Japanese incarnation utilizes extra details that the United States and English releases never head– a chrome sword,  sharp antenna, and a beautifully illustrated picture box.  History notes that Dairugger XV was slated to become a die cast toy, but plans were scrapped as it would have spiked costs.

Speaking of costs, this often retailed in the ultra expensive range of $65-90 once imported into the U.S.  Demand was so high that price wasn’t the issue; it was supply.  Noting the toy’s popularity in Japan, Popy Toys (a subsidiary of Bandai) worked out a license with Matchbox Toys to later brand and import under the “Voltron” branding.  Our offering is the first version of the toy and extremely sought after.

The box condition on our toy is very good with shelf wear and one edge split and then repaired.  One handle end (briefcase style) was repaired.  One cellophane window has been taped.  The box otherwise is all original and in very good condition.

The vehicles are likewise in very good to excellent condition with rubber tires in great shape and two of the three antenna still present.  The right leg antenna are missing.  The instruction manual is missing.

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Dimensions 30 × 14 × 12 in