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Daisy Mfg. Co. Plastic No. 70 “Flatbed & Dozer” in Box *SOLD*

Daisy Mfg. Co. Plastic No. 70 “Flatbed & Dozer” in Box

This is a plastic No. 70 “Flatbed & Dozer” im box that was manufactured by the Daisy Manufacturing Company of Plymouth, Michigan. 

Shown here to capture the fun.  Sold earlier.



A brief history of the Daisy Manufacturing Company of Plymouth, Michigan: 

1882 – Current 

Founder: Clarence Hamilton 

Daisy Manufacturing Company was founded in1882 by Clarence Hamilton as the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company selling vaneless windmills. Hamilton also operated the Plymouth Air Rifle Company which sold airguns and all-metal pellet guns (previous models had been at least partly wooden). Hamilton had the idea to include one of his airguns with every windmill purchase.  

By 1895, Hamilton’s airguns were so popular that the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company ceased selling windmills and changed its name to the Daisy Manufacturing Company. Daisy’s specialty was BB-guns geared toward the younger crowd and modeled after lever-action rifles. Some more well-known products are the Little Daisy, Model 20, Daisy Model 25, and the Red Ryder BB-gun which is its longest-running and most well-known product still being sold to this day. They specialize in, air rifles, pistols, CO2 pistols, slingshots, pellet, and air-powered guns, ammunition, and accessories. 

Daisy eventually bought the Markham Air Rifle Company in 1916 and changed its name to King Air Rifle Company in 1928. Daisy continued to produce Markham’s “King” model air rifle until about 1935, before ceasing operation altogether in the 1940s.  

In the 1930s Daisy began manufacturing Buck Rogers themed Ray Gun, Atomic Pistol, Disintegrator Pistol, and Rocket Pistols. By the 1940s Daisy ads could be found in all of your favorite comics.  

In 1958, Daisy moved its headquarters from Plymouth, Michigan to Rogers, Arkansas. Nowadays, the Daisy Manufacturing Company goes by Daisy Outdoor Products. 

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 9 in