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Dent Cast Iron Horse Drawn Fire Pumper for Sale


Dent Cast Iron Horse Drawn Fire Pumper For Sale

At around 21.2″in length, this is quite a large toy and made by Dent Cast Iron Co.  We have it as an approximately 1910 model and, believe it or not, it is labeled as medium.

Horses are around 9″ in length, quite large, and the white with gold paint look great with the two black horses and third white one.  Gold accents set off the toy and are excellent accents.

All three horses are in good played with condition.  The rear double pumper is in good played with condition with original paint and chips throughout.  The front driver has a missing arm and then the rear rider and chains are replacements.

Fire pumpers like this are quite nice because this represents a larger scale with more detailing.  Note the rivets the run the length of the Boiler frame.  Note note not one, but two pumper pistons cast in front of the pumper.  Then horses in this larger size are literally head and shoulders above the smaller scale and normal scale stallions.  This heavy and large Dent toy shines in person and is a large presence that is difficult to convey in photos.

Dent Hardware Co. Fullerton, Pennsylvania
1895-1937 ( continued to manufacture cold storage hardware until 1937).
Founder: Henry H. Dent, with four additional partners
Specialty: Cast-iron and aluminum transportation toys and banks. “Pioneer” fire truck, Ford Tri-Motor, and large hook-and-ladder toys were popular items.

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Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 14 in