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Distler (J.D.N.) Tin Lithographed Battery Operate Porsche 7500 Electromatic FS in Box for Sale


Distler (J.D.N.) Tin Lithographed Battery Operated Porsche 7500 Electromatic FS in Box

Enjoy our Distler Porsche 7500 offering straight out of the box!  This amazing toy comes from the venerable German toy brand Distler and is a licensed Porsche toy circa 1955.

The FS version of this 7500 utilizes D cell batteries rather than cumbersome old-style European miner’s batteries.  Lift the rear convertible cover and place two D cells below.  The spring loaded contacts make an easy swap.  Note that the engine “grill” doubles as a latch.

Then place a “Key” into the dash board for power.  One key is loose and inserted, but it can be removed and one can use the extra key on its fob.  -Killer German toy detailing!

Our Distler Porsche works.  We inserted batteries and were able to shift into different gears or be in neutral.  Reverse works too.   The steering wheel moves the actual Porsche front wheels properly.

Rubber appears near new as does the bottom tin lithography plate.  This is a cream puff.

Instructions are included along with an up sell for other Distler accessories.  The box is original and in very good condition as shown.

The tin litho has a minor chip under the convertible boot and minor wear on the front fender tops, otherwise this is a near mint toy.

We have not had a nicer version of this toy; it is a treat!



A brief history of Johann Distler of Nuremberg, Germany:  


Founder: Johann Distler

Johann Distler/Johann Distler KG was founded in Nuremberg, Germany in 1895 and continued production until 1968. Dislter produced lithographed tin penny toys, comic and erratic action transportation toys.  

In 1917, Distler acquired Brown & Myer as a partner who eventually took over when Distler died in 1923. In 1935, they sold out to Ernst Volk. After the Second World War, Distler started producing electric trains and, later, electric toy cars. By the 1960’s the company could no longer compete with the larger brands like Germany’s Trix, and Marklin, and the British company Dinky Toys. Sadly, by 1962 all toy production by Distler was discontinued in Germany and the company was sold to a firm in Nivelles, Belgium. Until 1968, Distler continued to manufacture toys as Distler Toys S.A. 

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