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Doepke Model toys Jaguar for Sale, Ohio XK-120 *sold*


Doepke Model toys Jaguar XK-120 for Sale, Ohio

This is an impressive toy, a “Model”, by Doepke and quite heavy.  Doepke Toys in Ohio made this of steel, aluminium, and a cast metal chassis.  The color is an understated light blue.

Our toy came from an estate and appears to be all original.  The headlights, bumper and grill are fresh looking and clean.  The sticker on the dashboard is extremely clean and near new old stock.  The toy has some light scrape marks on the left front fender and lower body edges, but is otherwise in good to excellent condition.

In 1946, Charles Doepke with his assistant and brother Frederick started the Doepke Toy Company in Oakley, Ohio, within Cincinnati. In 1950 production was moved to Rossmoyne, Ohio. Being so soon after the conclusion of World War II, many toys available at the time reflected a war theme. In contrast to this trend, the Doepkes were encouraged by their grandmother to create toys that were not war-related. Since both men had previously worked in the steel industry, they were quite aware of the possibilities and were adamant about creating exact duplicates of then modern cars and construction equipment. Our Jaguar is clearly a success.

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