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Doll & Co Hand Painted & Lithographed Tin Elevator with Battery Operated Light from M. Hirschberg Collection German Steam Accessory Toy for Sale


This is a beautiful tin combination hand painted and lithographed elevator steam toy accessory made by Doll & Co., of Nüremburg, Germany. This was purchased from the Morton A. Hirschberg collection. A similar less deluxe type of steam toy elevator can be found in Morton A. Hirschberg’s Steam Toys: A Symphony in Motion on pg. 127

This is a highly detailed steam accessory has a realistic up and down motion when the crank is turned. This wonderful steam toy works smoothly when cranked. The light in the elevator would come on as the elevator was operated. We believe the light bulb is blow on this one as we were unable to get it to light up. There are two paper-mache riders and one operator in excellent all original condition.

Our example of this piece is in excellent all original condition with no restorations, repairs, or touch ups. The paint and lithography is in excellent overall with the usual patina, scratches, scuffs and chips that are seen with age and play. The whole toy is approximately 6” in length and 12 ½” tall. We encourage you to examine the photographs to further determine condition and quality.



A brief history of Doll & Co. of Nüremburg, Germany:


Doll & Co. was founded in 1898 in Nüremburg, Germany by tinsmith Peter Doll & John Sondheim with Max Bein (Sondheims nephew) joining as a third partner just before WWI. Doll & Co. specialized in steam toys and steam engines. The company made and sold model steam engines, steam toys and steam accessories such as tractors, cars, trains, saw mills, fountains and Ferris Wheels. Their toys were widely distributed throughout the UK, Europe, and the United States. The company exported a majority of their wares with most of it going to England and the United States.

Around 1935, Doll & Co. was purchased by Fleischmann due to the Aryanization laws in place in Germany. Fleischmann continued to use the Doll& Co. name for a while and the after the war, Fleischmann offered to return the company back to the original owners, but they declined, accepting a buyout of their shares instead.

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