Dunbine Japanese Plastic Toy Robots Seven for Sale


Dunbine Japanese Plastic Toy Robots For Sale

Japanese toy design of the 1980s reached a zenith for “Mecha” around 1982 and then drifted into the world of organic designs.  Toy collectors saw early “Insecticons” hinting at things to come.  Anime TV series Aura Battler Dunbine aired in 1983 and 84 and took parallel universe insect robots to the leading edge.  Note that this series translates to “Holy Warrior Dunbine”.

<Pause for most readers>  We are setting the stage for some “Weird robots”.  History helps appreciation.  <End Pause>

This set of Aura Battlers (fighting robot suits) was produced by Japanese toy maker Seven, and marketed to the late working parents of Japan.   They were made as “Train Station” machine toys, vended like food from the subway machines.  Note the Katakana markings on the bottom left corner in red on a white square denoting Seven.

Our toys are smaller, yet still capture the groundbreaking work of Yoshiyuki Tomino.  Scale is approximately 1/83.  Work was produced by Sotsu and Sunrise.  Warriors for good (Dunbine in grey) and evil (Drumlo in red) show the same sculpt as seen in the Anime.  Bug like wings and claws are well captured.

Movement of the toy is only in the shoulders and minimally at the hips.

Overdone packaging includes the new old stock paperwork as well as swords and accessories.

Our set is near new old stock, even having the train station tabs unpunched and still unfolded.  These came from newly found and unused boxed stock.

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