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Easter Bunny Rabbit toy on Tricycle, Extra Large for Sale


Easter Bunny Rabbit toy on Tricycle, Extra Large For Sale

Our rabbit is a stunner and larger than previously sold versions.  This toy is 11 inches in length (not far from 10″ in height) and an Extra Large version.  Pedals and legs are articulated for rolling toy action.

Condition is very good to excellent with one ear tip, in the back, in painted with a small amount of brown.  Clothes appear original.  The bike appears all original too and the toy is nearly unused.

We have added a bouquet of Easter Lillies to compliment the toy.  It likely carried candies for Easter festivities.

Construction is thick and heavy bent wire for the bike frame, wood rims, wood handles, a metal and wood bunny frame draped with clothing.  Then a thick paper mâché head and hands.

Again, size on this is tremendous and something extremely uncommon.  Our price is below the smaller bunny sales figures.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 28 in