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Antique ca. Early 1900’s Falk Extra Large Steam Engine for Sale


Falk Extra Large Steam Engine for sale-early 1900s

Our showpiece is an extra large and rarely offered steam engine from the early 1900's.  It comes with a locomotive action, think steam train, and a very large flywheel.  The toy has not one, but three platforms to compliment this monster.

Keeping with the large tradition, we get not one but three burners to light up the toy.  Measurements of the space envelope are about 33cm long x 43cm high x 16 cm deep.  We have a few photos for perspective.

Condition is average and used, but the toy has a beautiful patina.  The base paint and red and black paint highlights are strong.  We see a burner cap missing, a door pull missing, no governor (not sure if it was an option), and one wood black handle gone but metal handle still there.  It appears there is still compression, but we have not tested this toy and expect it to be used as a display and not run.

The company Falk was bought out and later became D.C. steam engines or Doll et Cie.  This is a very early 20th century engine!  It is art.

Falk began as an employee of Georges Carette. He started his own company in 1895. Produced many steam engines, including some spectacular large overtypes (of which I have none). Falk bought out Schoenner's steam engine line in 1912. After WW1, Falk became a supplier for Bing toys of Germany. The top quality is quite apparent in these similar toys.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 10 in