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Fischer German Penny Toy Car with Flywheel for Sale


Fischer German Penny Toy Car with Flywheel for sale

This green and gold German penny toy is likely a turn of the century product of George Fischer of Germany.  Length is about 4″

To use this ingenious and simple design, just spin the flywheel shaft between your thumb and index finger.  It gets the flywheel “motor” going at a steady speed, then lower the car’s tires onto the ground.  The flywheel spins the rear axle and tires for driving motion.

The gold is in very good condition to excellent with light spotting as shown. Our toy is in original condition.

Georg Fischer Nuremberg, Germany
Early 1900s – 1914
Specialty: Tin penny toys and other novelties. Trademark “G.F”.

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Weight .80 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in