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Yankee Fleet Wooden “Flyer” Gunship Electric Toy Boat for Sale


Yankee Fleet “Flyer” Wooden Gunship Electric Toy

We have for you a wooden “Flyer” gunship that was manufactured Yankee Fleet Toys of Cleveland, Ohio.

This wooden gunship is a very very early toy in spectacular condition. We have documented this boat advertised circa 1918, and it used its horseshoe motor along with dry cell batteries.

Size is a very large 36″

Condition is original with three replacement stacks and original stickers and paint.  There is aluminum used on the side guns and a brass rudder.

The motor is untested as we do not have the proper dry cells.  Wires and leads are as they were made ca 1918.

Water slide stickers are still intact with a bridge and maker’s sticker on the top bow.  “FLYER” is the name of this ship and emblazoned on the sides of the bow.

This is a first for us and a very very rare find.   Only in the last few years did collectors even know of Yankee Fleet toys.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 12 × 12 in