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Four Tower Cast Iron Still Bank for Sale – Ohio Foundry


Four Tower Cast Iron still bank for sale- Ohio Foundry

What a great mid-century cast iron bank!  Have you seen this one before? -Doubt it, as the production must have been quite limited.  It was to commemorate the Ohio Foundry in Cleveland, aka Cleveland Foundry Company, in 1949.  Due to World War II this was a forbidden cast toy (war materials needed), so it makes sense that the foundry commemorated their 55 year anniversary– 1893-1948 is printed on it.  It is cast iron, multi-colored, a deep relief, and– Porcelain coated!

Porcelain makes sense when you realize that the Ohio Foundry Company cut their teeth by producing cast iron stoves which later evolved into having powder coatings/porcelain on them.  It is an expensive finish and needs deep expertise.

Our safe is a complete oddity.  We have noted one earlier documented bank like this and had them call it Enamel.  No, we believe it is a high temperature baked on finish and slip similar to stoneware or Kitchenaid blenders.  It chips and has a different feel.  The “slip” gives a beautiful crackle/dotted accent t windows and trim.  Lettering was hand added in black then baked.

Yes, this won’t hit the mark for those in looking for ancient cast iron safes, but this is quite a limited bank and a beauty.  Let us know if you have more company background or additional catalogs on Ohio Foundry; it would be a pleasure to document more on it and this anniversary piece.

We did find a great article on our foundry:


“CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland was forged in places like the building at 1831 Columbus Road.

The historic 1893 foundry on the north bank of the Oxbow operated for decades, filled with hardworking men who melted, molded and pounded metal casing into shape, building Cleveland into an industrial powerhouse as well as new lives for their families in the growing town.

It was one of so many foundries and factories and warehouses and docks that grew up on the banks of the Cuyahoga River in the second half of the 19th century. Places where immigrants and other men – including one named Rockefeller – built businesses and a city. This, the industrial Flats, is where Cleveland was born.

The site of this foundry has an even deeper history than that, though. The Columbus Road location was the site of St. Mary-on-the-Flats, the first Catholic Church in Cleveland, organized by Irish immigrants in 1826.

We also see that the 1894 company catalogs is only for Oil and Gas stoves.  -Toys were not featured in their product line, so it makes sense that we don’t have other toy history on the copany.  They made Puritan Stoves, Warm Air Registers, Sad Irons, and Hardware Specialties.



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