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Frank Bank Folk Carved Savings Bank Toy for Sale


Frank Bank Folk Carved Savings Bank Toy For Sale


Whoever Frank was…. I’d like to meet that guy!  Frank was likely a master wood carver, or he had one amazing friend.  Frank’s bank comes to us by way of a 100 year old attic find out of the Dakotas.  The detail is stunning.

Our penny bank really is more of a savings bank.  Penny Banks, as a category, then to not have a mechanical action; however this elevates beyond.   The darker stain and tight grain reminds us of mahogany.  Excruciating time was spent on each shingle, the chimney, a Pennsylvania bird motif, then the entire piece from top to bottom.  There is an entire back panel dedicated to a floral arrangement.  The front has a cornacopia or vines with fruit and “FRANK” carved out.  It is a tour-de-force of carving and a pleasure to hold.

Folk art has really taken off recently, and we feel this is a nice bargain considering all the work done.  It is one of a kind and a wonderful object.

The entire bank is held together on the bottom with two brass straight screw.

Condition is excellent less on large chip on the corner of the chimney.  There is dust and dirt on the shingles as expected from age.  The bottom is relatively clean with less oxidation as expected.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 10 in