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Gebrüder Bing Bassett-Lowke Tin Lithographed Windup Apollo #504 Locomotive with LNER #504 Tender & #525 & 325 Train Cars for Sale


Gebrüder Bing Bassett-Lowke Tin Lithographed Windup Apollo #504 Locomotive with LNER #504 Tender & #525 & 325 Train Cars

This is a tin lithographed windup #504 Apollo locomotive and LNER #504 tender that were manufactured by Gebrüder Bing of Nuremberg, Germany for the British market. The Bing locomotive and tender is coupled with a set of tin lithographed LNER # 325 & #525 train cars manufactured by Bassett-Lowke of Northampton. England.

The locomotive comes with what we believe to be its original key. When wound the train does not work, you turn the key and it bounces back. We believe that the right person could get this beautiful train back up and running in no time as the clockwork mechanism is in really great shape. All of the wheels on all cars rotate and turn as they should. All couplers are present and in great shape, with all cars able to be coupled.

Our example of this piece is in excellent all original condition with no breaks, restorations, repairs, or touch ups. The only piece that has had any restoration is a total repaint on the LNER #325 train cars gray roof. Otherwise, it is in excellent overall condition with the usual patina, scratches, scuffs, surface rust and chips that are seen with age and play. The Bing #504 Apollo locomotive is approximately 8 ¼” L, the LNER #504 coal tender is approximately 5 ½” L, the LNER #325 train car is approximately 9 ½” L, and the LNER #525 is approximately 9 ½” L. We encourage you to examine the photographs to further determine condition and quality.



A brief history of Bing Corp./Gebrüder Bing:


Bing Corp. New York City, New York

Operated between 1924 – 1935

Founded by: John Bing

Bing Corp. was a spin-off of their German firm, Gebrüder Bing. The mainly served as jobber for their parent firm with mechanical boats, zeppelins, and steam engines.


Gebrüder Bing Nuremberg, Germany

Operated between 1866 – 1933

Founded by: Brothers Ignatius and Adolph Bing

Gebrüder Bing specialized in a wide-range of spring-driven toys, cars, buses, boats. Perhaps its biggest coup was a line of trains initiated in 1882. Bing went under during the crash of 1929; Karl Bub acquired the toy trains division and Fleischmann the toy boats.



A brief history of Bassett-Lowke of Northampton, England:


Bassett-Lowke was a toy company that was founded in 1898/1899 in Northampton, England. Bassett-Lowke specialized in model railways, boats, ships, and construction sets. They originally started as a mail-order business, but they also designed and manufactured some of their items.

Like many similar companies in the 1950’s Bassett-Lowke’s products started to decline in popularity which was the beginning of the end. In 1964, the company ceased all retail sales and sold its shops including one of its main shops at High Holborn in London. In 1965, they officially went out of business. From 1966 the company and its designs were bought and passed around, eventually being bought by Corgi in 1996. In 2008, one of Bassett-Lowke’s main competitors Hornby acquired Corgi and revived the brand name in 2020.

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