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Gescha Six Mobile Windup tin Porsche for sale *sold*

Gescha Six Mobile Windup tin Porsche for sale

Our white Gescha car is their interpretation of an early Porsche from the 1950s.  It has an incredibly complex mechanical computer to move the car in six track shapes.  You can move it into a figure eight, square, circle, etc.  Just look at the bottom of the tin litho, disengage the lever, rotate the selector, the reengage the selector.  You then shift the lever to stop, windup the car, the let it Go.

Our toy comes with a very poor shell of a box, but a box.  It does not come with a key, but we had a test key on hand and the toy works well.  Our spring appeared a bit weak, but this may be a result of us not winding it tightly.  The car works slowly and needs a very smooth surface.  Oil and tighter winding could help.

Admittedly, this is a sleeper of a toy.  It is German, tin, a Porsche, but suffers from odd box marketing.  Look past that and you will find a truly fun car to play with and enjoy German tin toy craftsmanship.


Gescha has been around since the 1920’s and produced Schuco like mechanical wonders.

During the 1970s, the name Conrad began to be used more and Gescha used less. By 1980, toys bearing the name Gescha were rare. Around this time the name Conrad began to be used exclusively; the company’s website does not even mention the name of Gescha.

Conrad/Gescha compete globally for contracts to make precision models for truck, crane, and other heavy equipment manufacturers (see Conrad website listed below). It is worth noting, however, that the Conrad Models company was started under the name Gescha.