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Girard Deluxe Coupe Pressed Steel Windup & Battery Op Car


Girard Deluxe Coupe Pressed Steel windup & Battery Op Car

Sporting 14″ of deluxe tri tone paintwork, this Girard Deluxe Coupe is a very well designed American toy.  It is a battery op, powering headlights and the tail light, and then a windup to power the wheels.  The front bumper turns in unison with the front wheels for steering.  The back luggage/seat folds down.  The aft axle drives a bell ringer.  Tires are rubber.

Our toy has some chipping and wear as expected.  The wiring does not currently work, but we are reviewing it with an electrician as it appears all there.  This multi tone car is quite sharp and a large presence in a world of dark vehicles of the day, the 1930s.

Girard Model Works, Inc. Girard, Pennsylvania
Other names: Girard Mfg. Co. 1922-1935; The Toy Works, 1935-1975(Spinning tops, skates, banks, trains, military toys).
Founder: Frank E. Wood
Specialty: In the late 1920s, Girard made Louis Marx a commission agent and for several years produced toys under the Marx label, along with its own line of steel autos, trucks, and trains, which were produced at Girard Motor Works. Marx and Girard toys are for all intents indistinguishable ( a few of the Girard toys bore the slogan “Making Childhood`s Hour Happier”). Girard declared bankruptcy in 1934, although toy production continued until 1975. Quaker Oats had bought out Marx`s interest in Girard when they bought Marx`s American and English toy division 1972.


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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 10 in