Bandai and Tamashii Nations GX-96 Getter Robot Go Getter Robo for Sale


Bandai and Tamashii Nations GX-96 Getter Robot Go Getter Robo

Here is another completely foreign (to U.S. buyers) toy and Japanese franchise– Getter Robot toys.  After rising again from Getter Robot 1,2,and 3 as well as Getter Robot G; we get a new Getter Robot “Go”.   Each incarnation dating back to 1975 takes three forms of robot forms and makes a super sized combiner with super sized strength.

Or one may just mark this up as a three robot combination toy.  It is a beautiful toy and it represents a newer item for our store.  Getter Robo Go captures die cast toy craftsmanship and Japanese design and makes these concepts into a great toy.  Yes, this is a true toy for the younger generation that builds on the shoulders of previous work.

We get three jets this time and if one swaps the three parts, you can combine into three bigger robot forms.  Size is just under 9 inches.

Our toy is new and unused stock by Bandai and Tamashii Nations.  GX-96.



A brief history of Bandai, Japan:     

Bandai Co. Ltd. of Japan was founded in 1950. When Bandai merged with the video game developer and producer Namco, Bandai Co. Ltd. they officially became Namco Bandai Holdings, Inc.  Namco Bandai holds the main toy licenses in Japan to many popular properties including Gundam, Ultraman, Daikaiju, Super Sentai Series, Kamen Rider, and Mazinger. It is easy to see how Bandai became the number one toy producer in Japan and the world’s third-largest producer of toys. Early tin plate toys from Bandai such as the one we are offering are highly collectible and can often be hard to find in such great condition because of their fragility. 

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 9 in