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Hausser-Elastolin ca.1937/38 Tin Hand Painted Windup 733 ½ Wanderer Kuebelwagen Jeep for Sale


Hausser-Elastolin ca. 1937/38 Tin Hand Painted Windup 733 ½ Wanderer Kuebelwagen Jeep

This piece is a tin/sheet metal windup 733 ½ Horch/Wanderer Kubelwagen that is hand-painted in military camouflage and has 4 composite Elastolin soldiers and a canopy top. This piece was manufactured by Elastolin-Hausser of Ludwigsburg, Germany. We have seen this also referred to as “Wanderer Kübelwagen mit Besatzung” or a “Horch Kubelwagen”.

This piece has a license plate that shows “WH7335” on the front and rear.

The canopy while very fragile is still intact and goes up and down.

There are four Elastolin composite figures.

The windscreens are still intact but are yellowed with age. The battery wiring harness was not tested.

The windup works as it should, with no key included. The black rubber tires are marked “Lineol” on the sides and are still intact, but as per usual with toys of this age, they may have petrified, discolored, warped, and/or cracked. The wheels roll as they should.

The driver’s side flag is missing.

This piece is in very good to great all original condition with no breaks, restorations, repairs, or touch-ups. This piece shows the usual patina, fading, dust, chips, scuffs, surface rust, scratches, missing accessories, and wear that is to be expected from age and play. This is approximately 9” L. We invite you to view the photos to further determine quality and condition.



A brief history of Elastolin-Hausser/O. & M. Hausser of Ludwigsburg, Germany:

1904 – 1983

Founder: Otto and Max Hausser

Specialty: Dolls, toys, and military miniatures of composition sawdust and glue, made under the name “Elastolin”.  The company also made still banks from 1929-1939.

The Hausser family and company began in 1904 by two brothers Otto and Max in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart (Southern Germany). They began trading dolls and toys as well as manufacturing dolls under the Muller & Freyer name. About 1912 they began making figures 10-14 cm and later 7 cm sizes.  Around this time they began marketing their composition figures under the “Elastolin” line. Vehicles often received the official family namesake “Hausser” toys.

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