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Einson – Freeman Co. “How To Fly Training Cockpit Game *SOLD*

How To Fly Game Cockpit by Einson – Freeman Co. For Sale

Our 1942 Patriotic How To Fly Game Cockpit is absolute tops for realism.  In fact, this game was a thinly disguised way to get young boys trained for World War II.  The game is actually an instructional mock-up with incredible detail.

Our toy game comes with a patriotic 1942 guide on fund raising for the war effort.  It lays out what money buys what war material.  The game also comes with a battle hym music sheet and paints a picture of the deep patriotism and campaign to get American youth ready for war. -Buy war savings bonds and stamps!

The instruction booklet lets you know about leveling out a plane, each gauge, approach patterns, recognition guides for friend and foe, as well as foot pedal guidance and more.  It is as detailed of a guide as we have seen; less of a game, but ready for smiling youth.

Condition is complete, or near complete, as we’ve not seen a better example.  It appears to have been used once and then carefully put back.

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Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 8 in