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Hubley Cast Iron Packard For Sale *Sold in E-Museum*

Hubley Cast Iron Packard For Sale *Sold, now in E-Museum*

We are sharing this Hubley cast iron Packard for the pictures.  It is quite a large cast iron with numerous cast parts.

The toy comes with a plethora of separate cast parts, all assembled by hand and then painted.  There are two opening doors, four rolling wheels and spare, running boards, upper body, twin cowl doors, a pickled engine, a driver, black interior, a separate nickel plated grill, then a handful of ancillary parts.  We counted around 28 individual metal parts quickly.

The engine is a straight eight and well detailed below the blue hood doors. It is nickle plated cast iron.

Color is original blue with black fenders and whitewall tires.  The driver is original and nickel plated.

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