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Hubley Cast Iron Stake Truck For Sale


Hubley Cast Iron Stake Truck For Sale

-Red with nickle plated stake truck approximately 7″.  Original red paint, but with overpaint of a pink-red in spots.

The grill and look on this truck is a classic.  It is the Diamond T like of express trucks, a pricy lineup in the day.  Original white rubber tires are present with aging to the rubber.

Hubley Mfg. Co. Lancaster, Pennsylvania
1894 to date
Slogan: “They`re Different”
Founder: John E. Hubley
Specialty: Brand name: Lancaster Brand Iron Toys. Originally manufactured electric toy train equipment and parts. Purchased Safety Buggy Co. factory and moved to site in 1909. First manufactured cast-iron toys, horse-drawn wagons and fire engines, circus trains, and cap guns. Toy autos became the headliners in 1930s.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in