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Hubley Cast Iron Tow Truck in red and chrome- For sale *sold*


Hubley Cast Iron Tow Truck in red and chrome- For sale

Our gem came from a local collector and has been loved.  We simply dusted it off and am offering this extra beautiful and original Diamond T truck with chrome winch.  It is in original condition with original tires.

Hubley made this series of toy truck around the early 1930’s and modeled them after the super deluxe Diamond T truck maker’s bumper and grill.  It was obviously a labor of love, as all the intricate grooves and the emblem and bolts were cast into the chrome plated grill and bumper.

The Hubley Manufacturing Company was first incorporated in 1894 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by John Hubley. The first Hubley toys appeared in 1909 and were made of cast-iron, with themes that ranged from horse-drawn vehicles and different breeds of dogs, to tractors, steam shovels, horses, banks, and guns. Hubley’s main competition in the early years was Arcade as well as a bit from A.C. Williams.

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