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Hustler Toy Corporation/Frantz ca. Late 1920’s Hustler Intercollegiate Football Tin Lithographed Mechanical Game with Box for Sale


Hustler Toy Corporation/Frantz ca. Late 1920’s Hustler Intercollegiate Football Tin Lithographed Mechanical Game with Box

This piece is a circa late 1920’s mechanical, tin, lithographed “Hustler Intercollegiate Football” game manufactured by Hustler Toy Corporation of Sterling, Illinois.

This game has brief directions on the front and more involved directions on the back. It comes with its box that has been professionally restored. One side of the box is original as is the front panel. We have shrink wrapped it to further preserve the box.

Our example of this Hustler “Intercollegiate Football” game is in excellent near mint original condition with no restorations, repairs, breaks or touch ups. The lithos on this piece are strong and show the usual patina, chips, scuffs, scratches, and wear that are normally found with age and display. It is approximately 13 ½” L x 8” W. This would be a great addition to any mechanical game or tin collection. We invite you to view the photos to further determine quality and condition.



A brief history of Frantz Manufacturing Company/Hustler Toy Corporation of Sterling, Illinois:

This game features really nice period artwork similar to the Great American Baseball mechanical game. Like many of these mechanical games there are a number of different variations of it out there. The original Intercollegiate Football was manufactured by a company called Frantz Manufacturing Company of Sterling, Illinois. Frantz licensed this game from Evan Reed manufacturing who owned the patent. These early toys were marked “Frantz” and included the afore mentioned Great American Baseball game, as well as, the Intercollegiate Football game, and a golf game.

In 1925, Hustler Toy Company was created as a subsidiary of Frantz Manufacturing. To implement this change they simply added new decals for Hustler and as you can see the decals of this period can be found with the Hustler decal over the Frantz logos. On our Intercollegiate Football game the billboard on the left side of the field still bears the Frantz advertisement. Once the 3rd version of this game was put out Hustler and all references to Frantz are removed from the board. Hustler Toy Company stopped manufacturing toys in 1934, with the exception of roller skates that they produced until about 1970. Frantz is still in in business to this day but they no longer produce toys.


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