Ives Cast Iron Bleriot Airplane & Prototype Ives Airplane *SOLD*

Ives Cast Iron Bleriot Airplane & Prototype Ives Airplane

This cast iron gold Bleriot we believe to be Ives as when we compare it to the Ive prototype they have similar attributes. We just wanted to showcase this item for future reference as this has already been sold to another client.



A brief history of Ives Manufacturing Company of Plymouth/Bridgeport, Connecticut:  

Founder: Edward R. Ives  

1868 – 1932 

E.R. Ives & Co. of Plymouth, Connecticut 

1868 – 1870  

Specialty: Originally made baskets and hot air toys.  

Ives, Blakeslee, & Williams Co.  1872 – 1932   

Specialty: Ives joined in partnership with his brother-in-law Cornelius Blakeslee. Ives moved to Bridgeport in 1870; by the 1880s, they were leaders in superb clockwork toys designed by Jerome Secor, Nathan Warner, and Arthur Hotchkiss. Ives also acted as a jobber for other toy manufacturers` toys. The firm filed for bankruptcy in 1929, another victim of the Depression. Lionel took over the company at that time, and the name Ives and Blakeslee remained until 1931. 

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 5 in