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Ives Fire House and Horse cast iron for sale*spoken for*


Ives Fire House and Horse cast iron for sale

This has a clockwork motor and bell system!

First off, the size of this toy is absolutely massive, with a beam of about 8″ wide, and a height of about 12″.  The depth is about 15.5″.  Then the toy is primarily out of a grade a lumber we believe is Mahogany.  Then the windows, dental moldings, doors, and front face are entirely cast iron.  It was a beast to manufacture and tool up for sure!

The patent date traces to 1891, placing our toy around 1893 as our best estimate.

The fire house is in original condition with a Japanning and green enamel.  The mechanisim was restored by a clock expert to ensure proper function and the door jam springs were replaced to make it function properly.  The paintwork appears original on the house.  Then fire pumper is original, and then the cart connector iron shaft  did have a repaired break.  The driver is a period replacement.

When a kid or collector pulls the lever out on the upper right side of the house, our toy chimes about 6 times and then automatically releases the door.  The door then swings open and the galloping horses roll down the inclined plain.  It is an absolute treat to see in person.


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