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J.E. Stevens Co. “Big Scout” Toy Cap Pistol Gun with Box *SOLD*

J.E. Stevens Co. “Big Scout” Toy Cap Pistol Gun with Box  

We have for you a “Big Scout” toy cap gun pistol with box manufactured by J. & E. Stevens & Company of Cromwell, Connecticut. 

This cap gun has automatic action, single shot, and tenite grips. The box is in excellent condition and wrapped in cellophane to protect it. 

This piece is in excellent all original condition with no breaks, restorations, repairs, or touch ups. This piece shows the usual patina, fading, dust, chips, scuffs, surface rust, scratches, missing accessories and wear that are to be expected from age and display. This is approximately 9” L.  We invite you to view the photos to further determine quality and condition.      



A brief history of J. & E. Stevens & Company of Cromwell, Connecticut:

1842 – 1930s

Founder: John and Elisha Stevens

Specialty: Cast-iron mechanical banks from 1870 to the turn of the century. Elisha Stevens later joined George Brown to establish the Stevens & Brown toy firm. J. & E. Stevens supplied Gong Bell and Watrous with Castings for their bell toys 

Additional information

Weight 2.75 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 9 in
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