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J.L. Hess (JLH) Tin Lithographed Crank Wind Friction Motor Dynamobil Machine for Sale


J.L. Hess (JLH) Tin Lithographed Crank Wind Friction Motor Dynamobil Machine

This is a hard-to-find, tin, lithographed, first generation “Dynamobil” friction-driven hand-cranked motor trip hammer and tamper press machine toy that was manufactured by J.L. Hess of Nuremberg, Germany.

When the crank is pressed in and wound and the switch is put into gear, the flywheels spin causing the hammers and tampers to move up and down. The string appears to be original and are quite slack, but the motor works, the flywheels turn, and the hammers and tampers move up and down. The “Dynamobil” motor and machine parts are secured to a wooden base.

This piece is in great all original condition with no breaks, restorations, repairs, or touch-ups. This piece shows the usual patina, fading, dust, chips, scuffs, surface rust, scratches, missing accessories, and wear that are to be expected from age and play. This is approximately 10 ½” L. We encourage you to examine the photographs to further determine condition and quality.



A brief history of J.L. Hess of Nuremberg, Germany:   

J.L. Hess was founded in 1826 in Nuremberg, Germany. Hess was one of the first to make railways from pressed steel. Johann L. Hess inherited the company in 1866, and it ceased production in 1934. They specialized in Tinplate pull-along trains and various other parlor toys, as well as, toy autos that bore the trademark name “Hessmobil”.

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