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Japanese Wooden Tug Boat Toy


Japanese Wooden Tug Boat Toy

Before describing this toy, let us just say this is rare.  Rare, not like the over-used term, but rare as in this– the top boat and car collectors know of only a handful and these are different designs.  This one is like a time capsule.

At over 22″ long, this toy represents a unique boat in near new old stock condition.  The very good condition box housed this toys for years and then was found by a prominent Japanese toy collector.  Now he is focusing on other areas, so the Tugboat is being sold.

The “Wooden Model Boat” falls into the category of ship toy collecting that has been so hot lately.  This said, we have not seen a similar toy sold or on auction record. Our thought is this is a very very rare toy and more of a prestige piece for the maker.

The Tug Boat features intricate details including lines and wires as well as netting.  The decking and hull are made of wood and then appear to be hand painted.

Maker: Unknown

Country: Japan

Age: Unknown.  1930’s or 40’s is our estimate.

Condition: Excellent as shown.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 12 in