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Kilgore ca. 1932 Cast Iron Graham Coupe *SOLD*

Kilgore ca. 1932 Cast Iron Graham Coupe

Sold to a client.  This is sharing time for the beautiful Kilgore Graham Coupe ca 1932.

Kilgore made these cars in a delicate take-apart design where kids could swap grills, chassis, and wheels.  As a result, few survive intact.

Our toy has an iridescent chassis in silver blue.  The top is green and the accents are nickel plated.



A brief history of Kilgore Mfg. Co. of Westerville, Ohio:

1920s – 1985

Slogan “Toys That Last”

Specialty: Originated in 1925 with the purchase of George D. Wanner Co., who made a brand of kites called “E-Z-Fly”. Its merger with Andes Foundry and the Federal Toy Co, in 1925 under the aegis of American Toy Co. In 1928, Kilgore introduced cast iron cars, trucks, and fire engines, including cast-iron cannons, cap guns, and toy paper caps. Butler Brothers became its biggest distributor. The company moved to Toone Tennessee in 1961 and remained in the cap gun and signal flare business until 1985.

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