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Kilgore Large Cast Iron Coupe for Sale Antique Toy


Kilgore Large Cast Iron Coupe For Sale – Antique Toy

-Well Loved Kilgore Coupe with desirable orange and in well used condition.  Our car has a replacement driver and also has replacement wheels.  It is not for the high end collector, this is for collectors that have not had a chance to get this incredibly expensive toy and wish to have fun & stay on budget.  That, or this toy is for those collectors that just enjoy great looking automotive cast iron.

Length is around 8″, quite large for cast iron car toys.  At the time, it would have been the deluxe and upper end of the pricing.  The opening rumble seat is a nice added feature.

It appears this was a rusty toy at one time and has had a treatment to remove rust.  What is left is aged metal and paint and all the original heft.  A replacement driver was then added to complete the look.

Kilgore toys are quite sought after, and this larger toy is a treat to enjoy.


Kilgore Mfg. Co. Westerville, Ohio
1920s – 1985
Slogan “Toys That Last”
Specialty: Originated in 1925 with the purchase of George D. Wanner Co., who made a brand of kites called “E-Z-Fly”. Its merger with Andes Foundry and the Federal Toy Co, in 1925 under the aegis of American Toy Co. In 1928, Kilgore introduced cast iron cars, trucks, and fire engines, including cast-iron cannons, cap guns, and toy paper caps. Butler Brothers became its biggest distributor. The company moved to Toone Tennessee in 1961 and remained in the cap gun and signal flare business until 1985.


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Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 8 in