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Kingsbury ca 1930s Coupe with Rumble Seat for Sale


Kingsbury ca 1930s Coupe with Rumble Seat For Sale

We have a great green original Kingsbury Coupe with Rumble Seat.  Sizing is around 12″ on the mostly steel toy.

We get a stamped landau style top with chrome headlamps and rubber tires.  Rubber tires have glue in the center to help with aged rubber rims by the axles; common for all Kingsbury cars.

The spring windup works properly.  The battery lights have not been tested.

Kingsbury Mfg. Co. (also see Wilkins Toy Co.) Keene, New Hampshire
1919 – 1942
Wilkins Toy Co.
Founder: Harry T. Kingsbury
Specialty: In 1895 Harry T. Kingsbury bought Wilkins and combined it with the Clipper Machine Works, which specialized in farm equipment. In the early 1900s, toy automobiles were introduced to the company line. The Wilkins line was dropped following WWI in favor of Kingsbury, which was by now an established name in the field. Kingsbury specialized in copying famous models of aircraft and assembly-line, trucks, and buses.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 14 × 6 in