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Klackers by Miracle toys CA for sale *sold*


Klackers by Miracle toys CA for sale

Our pair of Klackers or “Clackers” are a set of new old stock red and gold glitter balls. Yes, these acrylic balls were all the rage in the 1960s and eventually became outlawed. Our carded toy also comes with two other ball sets in different colors; an instant collection.

Our toys are vintage and made in the USA.

Also known as Klankers, Bangers, Knockers, Ker-Bangers and several other names, this toy was a fad from the late 1960’s into the early 1970’s. This toy consists of two acrylic plastic balls molded on a length of nylon cord with a plastic ring handle to be banged together making a “klacking” sound with more talented users being able to clack the balls both at the bottom and the top of the swing as well as being able to do two of them simultaneously. Disliked as a noise nuisance, Clackers were eventually banned due to breakage with the balls shattering with explosive force sending plastic shards out and causing injury. Being outlawed as a “Mechanical Hazard” and removed from the market, as well as being fairly difficult to master.

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