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Lehmann Tin Lithographed Windup “Mikado” with Box for Sale


Lehmann Tin Lithographed Windup “Mikado” with Box

Our beautiful Mikado tin windup is an incredible tin toy with box.  Its history traces to the world’s fascination with the completely foreign Japanese lifestyle.  This toy depicts a geisha, most likely, being couriered by cart and boy.

Wind up the toy, and the cart’s spring propels it forward.  The boy driver’s legs spike into the ground and then move, creating a walking motion.  As the speed increases, the lady fans her face to keep relaxed.

Condition on this toy is excellent with a restored box.  We have the original box top that was copied by Lonnie Dossett for making a Lehmann box.  Both box and original lid are included.

The toy has light flaking on the perimeter of the cart’s black.  The lady and fan are near mint, as is the painting on the boy.  The umbrella is superbly preserved.  Below we have the proper oxidation on the silver/gold tin cart.  Shoes on each figure are excellent and original.

Overall, this is considered one of the most beautiful toys ever made and a very rare and desirable masterpiece by Lehmann.  The coloration is bright and original and there are countless colors used in the toy.  Toy design, box graphics, and visual effect of this toy is off the charts desirable.



A brief history of the Ernest Lehmann Co. of Brandenburg, Germany:    

The Ernest Lehmann Co was founded in 1881 by Ernest Paul Lehmann in Brandenburg, Germany. Lehmann exported vast quantities of toys to the United States from 1895 to 1929 (excluding years of WWI). In 1921, Mr. Lehmann’s cousin, Johannes Richter joined the firm and built on the Lehmann reputation by patenting toys such as the Skirolf skier. After the Second World War, Ernest Lehmann Co. re-established in 1951 in Nuremberg, Germany.   

Lehmann specialized in lithographed tinplate, mechanical transportation toys, and figures known for colorful patina. Some of the most desirable Lehmann’s include: Mr. and Mrs. Lehmann, Dancing Sailor, Icarus, and Autobus. They are most famous for their colorfully lithographed and detailed mechanized tin toys. The company really came into prosperity in the early 20th century when it switched to making lightweight yet intricate tin toys in popular themes at a time when most other toy manufacturers were still making only heavy iron toys. 

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