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Lehmann Tin Windup Bicycle Halloh for sale *sold*

Lehmann Tin Windup Bicycle Halloh for sale L 683

This premier tin windup by Lehmann is top of the heap innovative and very early.  Halloh was made by the German tin toy maker Lehmann and features a spinning weight for gyroscopic action and stability.  There are no training wheels!

This example has good paint, but wear from being played with.  The weight spins, then we crank it more, then it spins faster and faster.  We’ve let it go just a few inches and it appears to work fine, but we don’t want to risk a crash and paint loss.

The cycle’s spring has a few pulled coils to note, but it appears original.  The toy rider’s face is beautiful and hand painted, with some wear to the cap, legs, and arms as shown.

Our toy version is the earlier with blue, rather than red painted fenders.   The Jurgen and Marianne Cieslik Lehmann Toys book (New Cavendish Books) has this toy at 1.22CM x 17cm.  The Halloh Motorcyclist was first introduced in 1914.