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Lutz Marklin Sand Toy Tin Sailing Ship for Sale


Lutz Marklin Sand Toy Sailing Ship

Our very early Marklin/Lutz sand toy is a sharply painted ship that has wheels for sandbox play fun.

Age on our toy is circa 1900 and this similar toy appears in the 1909 Marklin catalogs.  It was intended to be pulled by little ones and filled up with sand and play goods.

Condition is excellent original with a translucent blue-white interior paint.  Cream was panted on the outside of the hull.  A maroon thinner paint was then overlaid for a semi wood grain look.   Sails and masts are replacements.

We have included a picture of the 1909 Marklin catalog for reference and to see the larger pictured variation of the ship.


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Weight 3.8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 19 in