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Maggie Simpson Merchandising Model OOK for Sale


Maggie Simpson Merchandising Model OOK For Sale

This Maggie Simpson is the proverbial OOK or One of A Kind.  Our history on this is second-hand, but it came from a local St Petersburg, FL estate of a modeler of merchandising.  Maggie was produced by his company for a corporate need along with other characters from the Simpsons.  We rescued this oversized Pacifier sucking Babe.

She is all hand sculpted in a model making medium density foam to perfection.  Then Maggie was painted and detailed exquisitely with perfect hair, eyes, proportions, and even the quirky facial spikes.  Add to it, she was then put into a life saver style raft precariously perched.

The world of OOK is quirky, so this will likely disappear into a deep collection.  It is our pleasure to offer this oversized tot with a ton of personality.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 14 in