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Antique ca. 1909 Marklin Cast Iron & Tin Toy Military Cannon #957 *SOLD*

Marklin Antique Toy Cannon for sale no 957 from 1909

Pre World War 1 German kids learned about what was big in life at the time– Soldiers and Cannons.  Here we have a great number 959 cannon with hand painted black stripes and rivets with a base of military gray.

The cannon actually fires and comes with a new “shell” to launch.  Pull back the plunger and, if the rubber was modern, we would say stretch the rubber cord over the hitch.  You would then be cocked and locked.  Pop off the cord and the shell fires off.

Under the toy there is a barrel leveler/adjuster.  Twist it with your thumb and fore finger to raise and lower the gun.  Wheels rotate and the hitch is ready for a horse or accessory to carry it to another battle front.

Condition is very good with a frosting to the metallic finish on the barrel.  It is a normal aging as expected for a 110 year old toy.  The hand painting is thick, likely lead, and in excellent condition.  Don’t chip the paint, give this to a kid, or ingest (of course). It is approximately 7 1/4″ L.


Gebruder Maerklin (or Marklin) Goppingen, Germany
1859 to date
Founder: Theodor and his wife, Caroline Maerklin
Specialty: Originated as a maker of doll-sized tinplate kitchenware. When sons took over the business in 1888, firm name was changed to Gebruder Maerklin. Branched out to a variety of enameled tinplate boats, carousels, aeronautical toys. Unsurpassed in production of clockwork, steam, and electric trains. Introduced first standardized tinplate tracks in 1891. Maerklin switched to plastic train sets in the late 1950s.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in