Marklin/Gebrüder Maerklin ca. 1910 Tin #5080/50 Live Steam Torpedo Division Boat *SOLD*

Marklin/Gebrüder Maerklin ca. 1910 Tin #5080/50 Live Steam Torpedo Division Boat

This is an incredible tin ca. 1910 Marklin torpedo division boat live steamship, designated model no. 5080/50 in German cataloging. Interestingly, while it bears German origins, it was crafted specifically for the French export market, evident by the hand-painted “Made in Germany” inscription. Named after the distinctive “Yatagan,” this model stands out as a unique survivor, possibly one of a kind. It features a soldier figurine positioned for action, ready to engage from either the bridge or the deck. Although the aft flag, mast, and pennant have been replaced, they maintain the original aesthetic. The boiler, complete with a cap and steam valve, appears authentic, while the twin torpedo tubes can rotate on wheels for dynamic war action. The attention to detail is evident in the exquisite hand-painted lifeboats, intricate pin striping, and simulated rivets. The toy comes with its original crate, possibly the French market packaging, featuring a slide top for easy access. This discovery represents an extraordinary find and stands as one of the finest examples in existence, measuring just over 50 cm in length.



A brief history of Gebruder Maerklin (or Marklin) of Goppingen, Germany   

1859 to date   

Founder: Theodor Friedrich Wilhelm Märklin and his wife, Caroline Märklin   

Specialty: Originated as a maker of doll-sized tinplate kitchenware. When their sons took over the business in 1888, the firm name was changed to Gebruder Maerklin and they branched out to add a variety of enameled tinplate boats, carousels, and aeronautical toys. Introduced the first standardized tinplate tracks in 1891. Maerklin switched to plastic train sets in the late 1950s. They were unsurpassed in the production of clockwork, steam, and electric trains. 

Known As: Gebruder Maerklin, Maerklin Bros. & Co., or Marklin   

Additional information

Weight 1.75 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 6 in