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Marklin/Gebrüder Maerklin ca. 1927 Reservoir with Water Wheel & Trip Hammers (Bassin mit Felspartie) German Tin Toy Hirschberg Collection *COMING TO AUCTION SOON*

Marklin/Gebrüder Maerklin Reservoir with Water Wheel & Trip Hammers (Bassin mit Felspartie) German Tin Toy Hirschberg Collection 

This is a tin reservoir with water wheel and trip hammers (Bassin mit Felspartie) manufactured by Marklin/Maerklin/Gebrüder Maerklin of Goppingen, Germany. This was purchased from the Morton A. Hirschberg collection. This steam toy ca. 1927 marked #4355 can be found in Morton A. Hirschberg’s Steam Toys: A Symphony in Motion on pg. 194 

The reservoirs crank and water wheel turns smoothly as the hammers pound up and down. We are unsure if the pump pulls water up as the mechanisms inside may have petrified and cracked over the years. As per Hirschberg’s book there once was a shed that was located next to the water wheel that has long since been missing. However, this magical little scene does come with its original plastic/celluloid floating swan.  

Our example of this Marklin reservoir scene is in great all original condition with no restorations, repairs, or touch ups. This piece shows the usual patina, fading, dust, chips, scuffs, surface rust, scratches, and wear that are to be expected from age and play. It is approximately 7 ¼” L x 7 ¼” W x 5 ¼” H. We invite you to view the photos to further determine quality and condition.   




A brief history of Gebruder Maerklin (or Marklin) of Goppingen, Germany 

1859 to date 

Founder: Theodor Friedrich Wilhelm Märklin and his wife, Caroline Märklin 

Specialty: Originated as a maker of doll-sized tinplate kitchenware. When sons took over the business in 1888, firm name was changed to Gebruder Maerklin. Branched out to a variety of enameled tinplate boats, carousels, aeronautical toys. Unsurpassed in production of clockwork, steam, and electric trains. Introduced first standardized tinplate tracks in 1891. Maerklin switched to plastic train sets in the late 1950s. 

Known As: Gebruder Maerklin, Maerklin Bros. & Co., or Marklin 




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